WB Hydraulic & Pneumatic Jacking Systems

Supplier of Hydraulic and Pneumatic Jacking Systems for Jacking, Hoisting, Lifting & Moving.
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If it has to be moved, raised or lowered
and you don't know how… - we do!

Custom Made Center Hole Jacks

Hydraulic Cylinders 0-2000 tons

Custom Made Hydraulic Cylinders

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Hydraulic Cylinders 0-2000 tons

Center Hole Cylinders
Custom built center hole cylinders with a capacity of
0-2000 tons and a center hole size from 1-20 inches.

Locknut Cylinders
Custom built locknut cylinders from 0-2000 tons.

Low Height Locknut Cylinders
Custom built low height cylinders with built-in tilt
saddles 0-2000 tons.

Single Acting Cylindars
Custom built single acting cylinders 0-2000 tons with
unlimited stroke.

Double Acting Cylinders
Custom double acting cylinders 0-2000 tons
with unlimited stroke.

Custom Made by WB Equipment

We offer both single phase 110 volt and three phase 220/480 volt power units.

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