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JS125 Jack-Up System mounted on BFTJS125 base frame trolley

JS-Series Jack-Up Systems are fully automated

JS125 Jack-Up System mounted on BFTJS125 base frame trolley

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Model: BFTJS125   |   Series: BFTJS   |  Product Line: Heavy Lifting Technology
Base Frame Trolley for JS125 (qty. 1 trolley)

JS-Series Jack-Up Systems are fully automated, stable incremental lifting solutions for heavy loads with extended lift height requirements.

A typical system setup includes four jack-up units positioned under each corner of a load. A load is lifted in increments as barrels are slid into the system, lifted, and stacked; forming ‘lifting towers' to then lift and lower. Jack-Up Systems are efficient, safe, easy and the ideal solution for heavy lifts.

Now, accessories are available that complement these systems, increasing flexibility and safety for even more challenging applications.


Capacity per Tower (imperial tons):  140
Maximum Sideload (ft):  3% @ 19.6 ft
Maximum Lifting Speed (ft per hr):  5
Electric Power Pack (hp):  12
Weight per Jack Up Unit (lbs):  4850
Weight End Barrel 3D Swivel (lbs):  1852

Base frame trolleys allow horizontal travel of Jack-Up Systems at full load and at full height. If heavy load transportation is needed, Enerpac base frame trolleys provide ease of movement and eliminate the need of separate transportation equipment. Base frame trolleys allow for a smoother, faster, and more efficient move. Enerpac skid tracks are required for proper support and guidance.


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